Revolutionizing the Way You Run Your Business

RAPID DETECTOR TECHNOLOGY is the perfect blend of technology with your business processes.  Utilizing our proprietary technology will provide your business with the competitive edge needed to succeed in today's rapidly changing markets.  We custom blend the accounting system and business processes with dashboard technology to give you real time monitoring of all the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) in your business.


This is not a software product that you buy off the shelf.  It is a customized solution that will dramatically change the way you run your business.  The interactive dashboard functions of RAPID DETECTOR TECHNOLOGY not only gives you real time information but allows you to change the KPI's in your business and see the impact on the bottom line with your own data; both short and long term.

Dramatic Results Using Rapid Detector Technology

Tired of guessing about the status of your business?  With our technology you will have the capability of:


Producing more profitable sales

Bidding with greater accuracy
Monitoring job costs
Real time managing and controlling of cash flow & working capital
  Knowing the status of your business at any time

Snap shot forecasting with a live "what if" dashboard

Increasing bottom line profits


You Are No Longer Chained to the Office

Whether in the office or out, working or playing; it does not matter.  You will have the real time information at your fingertips to make critical decisions.  You also decide what real time information you want your staff to see to assist them in their daily decisions.  RAPID DETECTOR TECHNOLOGY gives you the freedom to monitor your business processes in real time anywhere you have Internet access.


Contact us to make an appointment for a quick review with one of our specialists to see if you qualify to use this exciting new technology.